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The risk of exposure to many dangerous conditions can easily be mitigated by using an Ideal Warehouse Innovations environmental control solution. Shielding people from hazardous processes, preventing slippery surfaces in a large temperature variance or saving energy costs by preventing air infiltration are all common uses for our products:

  1. Strip Doors:
    • Flexible Strip Curtains are the most economical solution to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions. Strip curtains use extruded, flexible PVC strips overlapped to form a seal, yet separate easily to allow passage. The strip size, weight and amount of overlap are variable, allowing for different degrees of protection or access.  This budget-friendly option can fit to any door and comes with everything needed for easy installation.
  2. PVC Strip Material:
    • Replacing worn out PVC strips is easy with Ideal Warehouse Innovations' PVC Strip Rolls.  From standard grades to low temperature, welding, opaque and anti-static options, we offer the replacement PVC strip materials needed to get the job done properly and cost-effectively.
  3. Modular Doors:
    • This all-season door wears many hats. It keeps the cold air out in the winter, allows insect-free fresh air in the warmer months and can be used as a barrier against UV light.  All with a few easy switches of paneling. 
  4. Door Edge Seals:
    • This simple yet intelligent product seals uneven surfaces between a dock leveler and an overhead door. It’s made from foam, wrapped in a flexible, yet tough rubberized fabric and is available in endless custom sizes and mounting styles.
  5. Curtain Enclosures:
    • Protect people from dangerous conditions and/or create partitions with custom curtain enclosures.  They can be added to virtually any location and are only limited by imagination.  Choose from our extensive range of materials, including; clear, colored, and welding protection. Vision panels, Velcro panel closures and weights are also easily added.

Ideal Warehouse Innovations, keeping you safe and comfortable in all dock and warehouse conditions.