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Choosing the right Knuffi® Bumper Guard for hazard points throughout the warehouse just got easier!

Problem? Solution!

Do you need to protect people reaching in and out of racking for product?   Do you have a high traffic corner that is prone to being bumped up against?  Have a work surface with a rough edge?  Knuffi® Bumper Guards have a solution for each of these challenges and many more.

Quick and Simple

Easy to install almost anywhere, Knuffi® Bumper Guards protect goods, gear and people from bumps, bruises, costly damage and serious injury and we have made it a cinch to understand the vast variety of profiles, categories and options that our Knuffi® line offers.

Each category has been better defined and we’ve created more tools such as short videos, redesigned model selectors and specification sheets. 

We’ve even created a video showing the simple ways to install Knuffi®. 

What’s New

  • Newly Redesigned Brochure
  • Category-Defined Specification Sheets (Surface, Edge, Pipe and Corner Guards)
  • Category-Defined Videos (Surface, Edge, Pipe, Corner Guards and Installation)
  • Newly Redesigned Model Selector
  • Top Warehouse Spots for Knuffi®

Find a Solution

Click here to Rediscover Knuffi® Bumper Guards and see how you can quickly find a solution to countless warehouse hazards.