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Personnel Access Gate

Personnel Access Gate

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EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate, Personnel Access Gate Mounting Post Kit

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  • 60-7490, EdgeSafe® Personnel Access Gate: Length  24.3” (617mm), Width 31.5” (800mm), Height 5” (127mm), Weight 40lbs (18.1kg)
  • 60-7490-MP, Personnel Access Gate Mounting Post Kit: Length 45” (1143mm), Width 12” (305mm), Height 6” (152mm), Weight 44lbs (20kg)

Designed to swing both ways, this durable floor-level gate serves as a single access point for personnel to safely enter or exit restricted areas. As versatile as it is functional, this gate is the ideal solution for protecting areas in which personnel and forklifts share the same traffic spaces.

Mild steel construction and a durable powder coat finish make it ideal for repetitive use, and the spring life has been tested to over 1 million cycles, to provide years worth of operation. The also gate makes no sound as it closes. It can be adjusted from 21" to 48" and attached to existing railing.

The optional 60-7490-MP, Personnel Access Gate Mounting Post Kit makes it easy to mount the gate in areas where there is no existing railing.

Comes with a one-year warranty from date of shipment, excluding finishes.


Personnel Access Gate Brochure

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Personnel Access Gate Measuring Guide

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Personnel Access Gate Manual

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