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Flexible Strip Curtains

Flexible Strip Curtains

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The Safest Choice in the Industry

Not only does our PVC have exceptional clarity and consistency, it is also the most environmentally friendly strip door material and safer to human/animal health. We've taken samples of competitive products and commissioned third parties to test and study their physical and chemical compositions.

North American Competition

Through a third-party lab test, we found that two current North American manufacturers of flexible PVC strip, sheet, and panel material have been using tin stabilizers. Tin stabilizers cause considerable odors and are not suited for food related applications. Industries affected include food service and distribution, restaurant, clean room, warehousing, and more.

Overseas Competition

Other tests have shown that overseas manufacturers have been using DOP plasticizers in their PVC products. DOP Plasticizer, a phthalate, is a Prop 65 ingredient that must be indicated as a known carcinogen when shipped to several states and provinces. Exposure to DOP plasticizer has been proven to cause health risks. The DOP plasticizer is most likely imported from China, since there are no Canadian, American, or European compound and resin suppliers that use DOP plasticizers.

The Ideal Warehouse Innovations Advantage

Ideal Warehouse Innovations supplies only 100% DOP-Free and Tin-Free flexible PVC materials. We use PVC with DINP plasticizer, a safer alternative. We have also invested in the development of non-phthalate PVC products to meet stringent North American and European legislation. Ideal Warehouse Innovations is committed to setting industry standards in safety and satisfaction. We supply only the highest quality PVC products.


Here are four common installation styles

Economically close openings!

Flexible Strip Curtains are the most economical solutions to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.

Strip curtains use extruded, flexible PVC strips that are overlapped to form a seal, yet separate easily to allow passage. The strip size, weight and amount of overlap are variable allowing for different degrees of protection or access.

Available in a multitude of mounting configurations, they can be installed almost anywhere.

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Environmental Controls English

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Environmental Controls Spanish

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Environmental Controls French

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Strip Door Installation Instructions

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Strip Door Survey Form

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