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Extruded Bumpers

Extruded Bumpers

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12" (305mm), 18" (457mm), 24" (610mm), 36" (914mm)

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Material & Specifications

  • Reinforced prime rubber of Durometer 75 (±5) (ASTM D2240).
  • 98% (±2) impact recovery.
  • 8.3 N/mm2 (±0.5) Tensile Strength (ASTM D792).
  • 500% (±20) Elongation (ASTM D792).
  • 1.1 g/cm3 (±0.1) Density (ASTM D412C).
  • All extruded fenders are supplied with a metal washer insert.

Extruded Drawing

An economical way to create added protection across long areas.


  • For use with incidental impact areas in factories and warehouses.
  • Can be used as rub rails.
  • Wall protection against accidental equipment abrasion.


D4 Extruded Rubber Bumper Drawing

Download (PDF 166.09 KB)

D4 Extruded Bumper Insert

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