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DLFAN Dock Fan, DLFAN40 Dock Fan with 40" (1016mm) Arm, DLFAN60 Dock Fan with 60" (1524mm) Arm, DLWB Heavy Duty Arm Bracket Kit

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  • DLFAN Dock Fan: - 10"(178mm) Width x 23"(292mm) Length x 24"(203mm) Height / Weight - 30lbs (14kg)
  • DLFAN40 Dock Fan with 40”(1016mm) Arm: - 10”(254mm) Width x 24”(610mm) Length x 23”(584mm) Height / Weight – 30lbs(14kg)
  • DLFAN60 Dock Fan with 60”(1524mm) Arm: Size – 10”(254mm) Width x 24”(610mm) Length x 23”(584mm) Height / Weight – 35lbs(16kgs)
  • DLWB Heavy Duty Arm Bracket Kit: Size – 9”(229mm) Width x 14”(356mm) Length x 2”(51mm) Height / Weight – 8lbs(3.6kgs)

Ideal Warehouse's high capacity fan provides a powerful ventilation and cooling solution for the dock, warehouse or trailer. Each fan is supplied with a "Y" cord that enables the fan to be used separately or in conjunction with most Ideal Warehouse Innovations dock light heads and is available in 40” or 60” arm lengths. 

This heavy-duty fan can be mounted up and out of the way and still direct airflow in any desired direction. Featuring a low vibration, 18” fan, this system can move over 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute.  Facilities realize increased safety and productivity by keeping employees cool on hot summer days.  In the winter, it moves warm air around, keeping the warehouse more comfortable while reducing heating costs.

Consider the optional Heavy-Duty Bracket for greater support on heavier lights.

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