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Easy to install almost anywhere, Knuffi® Bumper Guards protect goods, gear and people from bumps, bruises, costly damage and serious injury. Patented and globally proven for more than 40 years, our extensive range of profiles and applications deliver protection that is both cutting edge… and padded edge!

Knuffi® Bumper
Guards Video


Also view our Knuffi® installation video here

Knuffi® Cushions the Blow

Knuffi® covers edges, corners, pipes and surfaces. With adhesive, magnetic and wall mount kits Knuffi® Bumper Guards are simple to install and make it easy to ensure you’re protected.

Welcome to the Knuffi® family


Knuffi® Bumper Guards are available in an amazing range of profiles and colors for both a visual deterrent and protection where you need it.We also offer 4 ways to install, including: using integrated adhesive strips, integrated magnet strips, removable adhesive or for application on irregular surfaces (eg. concrete walls), a bracket mounted system. Protection almost anywhere with Knuffi®.

Colors Available: