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Guardrail Systems

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Guardrails are a key component of a thorough warehouse safety plan. Offering a VERY visible deterrent, guardrail systems can be used to protect pedestrian walkways, expensive equipment, volatile or at-risk areas and more. Ideal Warehouse offers two versatile, easy to implement guardrail solutions.

See our Guardrails… Guard.

Our guardrail systems at work protecting pedestrian areas, equipment and more…

Always on guard.

Protect pedestrians, equipment and investments with our strong, steel guardrail system. Anchored in concrete and built from ASTM-A36 structural steel, these life-savers serve and protect!

STANDARDIZED COMPONENTS make the system versatile and easy to install.

  • Available in 15” (381mm), 30” (762mm), and 44” (1118mm) post heights
  • Based on height 1, 2 or 3 railings can be accommodated
  • Bright visual presence reduces chance of accident
  • Removable black cap

Flexible rails. Rebounding posts.

A breakthrough (in preventing breakthroughs), the Slowstop® Polycarbonate Guardrail System combines a flexible rail with rebounding posts to absorb and deflect impact while minimizing damage to both guardrail and forklift.

THE SIMPLE SYSTEM is easy to install and will offer protection for years.

  • Can be fashioned with 4” (102mm) or 6” (152mm) rebounding steel bollard posts
  • 13 ft. (4M) railing lengths can be cut to measure
  • Easy to attach end rail caps
  • Can withstand repeated impacts without need for repair or replacement
  • Removable black cap on posts

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